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Adopt a Road Success!

04/12/2021 10:24:06 AM


Elizabeth Moore









Three...

CBE Softball 2021

04/08/2021 09:37:40 PM


Ron Solomon

Put me in Coach! I’m ready to play some coed, CBE Softball! I don’t care if I’m a “Hebrew National” or a “Mensch Warmer,” I just want to get outside and hit a ball with my fellow tribe-members.

Now in our 10th year of fielding teams with Evergreen Parks and Recreation, CBE is...Read more...

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

04/04/2021 10:09:56 AM


Dan Herman

Spring is in the air, snow is bringing much needed precipitation and very good skiing conditions, and light is at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic tunnel as vaccinations increase, case numbers decrease and restrictions ease. Our CBE staff and Board has been proactively adapting to keep CBE flourishing, ensure our firm financial footing and maintain social connections. I wanted to highlight a few initiatives we have been...Read more...

RE: Deadly events in Boulder yesterday

03/23/2021 04:03:39 PM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Dear friends:

Like you, we at Beth Evergreen are horrified by the news out of Boulder today.  Yet another senseless and devastating attack on innocent lives. Last week, a shooting rampage in Atlanta. Yesterday, here in Boulder, Colorado, an act of terror that took a full minyan of 10 lives and left us all reeling. 

We mourn with the families and friends of those who were killed yesterday: Tralona...Read more...

CBE Adopt-a-Highway

03/14/2021 10:14:59 AM


Ofer Tal

As part of our commitment to contribute to the larger Evergreen/Conifer community, CBE has chosen to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway project.

What is Adopt-A-Highway?
Roadside litter is an eye sore and costs millions of dollars annually to control. Often, it is impossible to keep up with the trash that thoughtless people have dumped on us. Colorado and our mountain community can use our help!!
Adopt-A-Highway is a roadside...

March Madness

03/07/2021 10:15:14 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Approaching a full year of living under the cloud of Covid-19 gives new meaning to the expression ‘March Madness.’  So much change, yet coming back full circle.  I’ve been reflecting on the fact that the timing of this long, arduous march from March 2020 to March...Read more...

And the Beat Goes On

02/21/2021 10:23:02 AM


Tara Saltzman

And the beat goes on.  Just like my love everlasting.  And the beat goes on.  Still moving strong on and on…

From preschool to highschool, we persevere in...

Tikkun Olam Chavurah

02/07/2021 10:41:25 AM


Judy Sherman

The new year is upon us and the CBE Tikkun Olam Chavurah has been actively researching and planning activities for 2021.  We are also looking to build long-term, in-depth relationships with several organizations.  The Chavurah has identified what we are calling...Read more...

Effecting Change with Education

01/31/2021 10:39:44 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

In the few months since the last Shofar was issued, there has been some big news in our world.  The Colorado wildfires have been contained.  A new US president and a first female VP were elected – soon to be inaugurated. ...Read more...

Bye Bye 2020(and Good Riddance!!)

01/17/2021 12:29:23 PM


Mike Schneider

When I took over as your treasurer in July of 2019, CBE had a solid financial foundation and was sailing along smoothly. Little did I know what was to transpire in 2020. To say the least, this past year has been a challenge for everyone in many aspects of our lives. We have had...Read more...

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