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From the Education Committee

09/19/2021 10:00:26 AM


Melinda Laz

As summer comes to a close and the school year is upon us, it’s a time for both goodbyes and new beginnings. We are excited for the return of in-person learning and holiday celebrations at the religious school. There are some big changes to report relating to the religious school and to the Education Committee. First, Sheri Pinsonneault has stepped down as chair of the committee. We would like to thank Sheri for her hard work and dedication...Read more...

High Holiday Sermons

09/17/2021 09:51:01 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Rosh Hashanah Evening Sermon: Dispelling Pervasive Prejudices: TIME Rosh Hashanah Morning Sermon: Dispelling Pervasive Prejudices: LOVE Kol Nidre Sermon: Dispelling Pervasive Prejudices: God and Community Read more...

From Uncertainty to Awe

09/05/2021 10:00:30 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

One thing is certain, the uncertainty we’ve been facing for the last 18 plus months is not slipping quietly into the night.  As our High Holidays approach, many of us had high hopes for a return to what we considered normal.  But the uncertainties persist.

Will we be...

Out of the Mikvah, Into the High Holidays

08/29/2021 10:46:16 AM


Luke Colaciello

After many years of longing to be Jewish and three years of being “in the process of converting,” on erev Elul (one week after starting as executive director) I took the final step in binding my covenant with Am Yisrael. As part of the ritual, I waded into the ceremonial bath called the mikvah and emerged metaphorically reborn as ben Avraham v’sarah, a part of lineage of the patriarchs and matriarchs. It was a significantly meaningful...Read more...

Sitting Shmirah

08/15/2021 10:01:43 AM


Judy Sherman

What is Shmirah? Jews believe that after a person dies, his or her soul doesn't simply vanish. A part of that soul remains with the body, stuck in a kind of limbo until burial. It's the job of the shomer, or shomeret if it's a woman, to comfort the deceased's soul.  Congregation Beth Evergreen assists families in mourning by providing this service when requested.  I recently joined the Hevra Kaddisha Chavurah and found more about...Read more...

Important Update to Mask Requirements Indoors at CBE

08/10/2021 10:37:52 AM


Luke Colaciello

Dear Members and Friends of CBE,

CBE leadership has continued to closely monitor local COVID cases and public health guidance as put out by Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH). Throughout the pandemic we have used a combination of public health recommendations and our own Jewish values to make decisions regarding the safety of our congregation. Given the increase of positive COVID cases even among those who are vaccinated, we are...Read more...

Joy and Mitzvot

08/01/2021 10:01:06 AM


Tara Saltzman

One of the great pleasures of Jewish learning is the study of the Hebrew language and its ability to help us connect to core values, practice, intention and each other.  If you’ve never taken an adult class with Rabbi Jamie exploring the deeper meaning and transformative power of Hebrew, you really must!  It’s magical. Your children get to have that opportunity in our religious school program and so we (the teachers) get the...Read more...

Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782