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Building LGBTQ+ Allyship Skills Through Owning Your Identity

06/20/2021 09:39:06 AM


Luke Colaciello

In February, I facilitated an LGBTQ+ allyship workshop for the staff and board members of CBE known as Safe Zone Training. The goal of Safe Zone is to give communities, organizations, and individuals a firm introduction to the skills needed to be an ally to the queer community. Over the course...Read more...

Spring Has Sprung!

06/06/2021 09:29:50 AM


Dan Herman

Spring is here and we’re gathering again at CBE and in our communities!  Our inaugural semi-annual Adopt-A-Road clean-up last month felt like our “coming out party”. A crew of over 2 dozen of us hiked along a three mile stretch of Blue Creek Road, picking up trash and debris, including a long-lost wallet with a substantial amount of cash. Thanks to Ofer Tal for organizing the initiative. And also to Joan and Steve Tarasar who...Read more...

Midah of the Month of June: Ohev et Hamakom

06/01/2021 09:25:06 AM


Tara Saltzman

Help us enrich our collective soul growth.  Share your thoughts in response to the midah practices below.

Makom means existence or place and shares the same root with the words for to wake up, be realized, to come into being, persevere, and endure.  It’s also a name for God.  Consider the fullest expression of loving God is endeavoring to fully know and love oneself, how and where you are.  
Get woke!...

A Fond Farewell

05/30/2021 09:25:30 AM


Eve Mills

“Goodbye always makes my throat hurt” – Charlie Brown

We can all agree that 2020 was a transformative year.  

March 2020: Just as I was starting to feel settled in my new surroundings, the pandemic swept in, keeping us all at a distance and raising anxieties about our health.  I am very proud of the way CBE, led by Susan Marcus and the Mitzvah Committee, went into action to check on each other, making sure...Read more...

Midot of the Year

05/16/2021 09:31:50 AM


Tara Saltzman

Once a pilgrimage festival, Shavuot celebrates the spring harvest and giving of Torah at Mount Sinai.  It arrives with perfect timing as we look forward to opportunities for gathering, emerging from a long period of isolation and separation.  I want to celebrate a community that has persevered, like the billions of cicadas set to emerge throughout the United States any time in April or May 2021 after 17 years underground, ringing...Read more...

Rumi-nating on the Seasonal Harvest

05/02/2021 09:27:57 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Here’s a fragment from a poem by Rumi:  

The wheat grain breaks open in the ground.
Then grows, then gets harvested. Then it cracks in the mill for flour
And baked.  Then is crushed between teeth to become
Mind, Spirit and Understanding.
Lost in love, like the song the planters sing
After they sow the seeds.

These last two lines in particular read as a direct...Read more...

Midah of the Month of May: Shleymut

05/01/2021 08:46:43 PM


Tara Saltzman

Help us enrich our collective soul growth.  Share your thoughts in response to the midah practices below.

"The purpose of Mussar practice is to help individuals deepen their understanding of the ways of the soul, and to guide them in overcoming obstacles which keep them from attaining a sense of inner wholeness (shleymut)." - Alan Morinis
By learning about the soul and trying to understand its nature, we are...Read more...

Kate Olson's Obituary

04/13/2021 09:27:17 AM


Charles Buckman-Ellis

Kate Olson has died. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a pediatrician, a gardener, lover and mother of dogs, a beekeeper, a quilter, a needleworker, a master cook, and crossword puzzle completer.

She was also Rachel since her early 30's after her conversion to Judaism at Temple...Read more...

Adopt a Road Success!

04/12/2021 10:24:06 AM


Elizabeth Moore









Three...

CBE Softball 2021

04/08/2021 09:37:40 PM


Ron Solomon

Put me in Coach! I’m ready to play some coed, CBE Softball! I don’t care if I’m a “Hebrew National” or a “Mensch Warmer,” I just want to get outside and hit a ball with my fellow tribe-members.

Now in our 10th year of fielding teams with Evergreen Parks and Recreation, CBE is...Read more...

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