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Membership Dues

Your decision to join a synagogue reflects your commitment to building and sustaining a vital Jewish presence in our  otherwise secular lives. In so doing, you enable us to pray together, celebrate life cycle events, educate ourselves and our children, and weave our individual lives in the fabric of sacred community. Your dues also support our ability to reach out to one another in times of joy and grief. We have developed a dues structure that we believe allows us to reflect these values while respecting the diversity of our households. We thank you sincerely for your choice to join Congregation Beth Evergreen.


Here’s how your contributions support our community:

  • Level 1 → Supporting Level
    The Supporting Level is supporting CBE in our overall mission of building an innovative Jewish spiritual community. It’s a great place to start!
  • Level 2 → Sustaining Level
    The Sustaining Level represents the annual dues that would cover 100% of CBE’s operating expenses if all members were to invest at this giving level. It puts the green in Evergreen!
  • Level 3 → Mitzvah Level
    The Mitzvah Level is going above and beyond. Not only does this level meet the Sustaining Level, it also covers a Supporting Level membership! Now that’s a mitzvah.

Whether you support CBE at the Level I, Level II, or Level III option, the choice is up to you.  As you carefully consider these options we invite you to guide your choice by the following factors: 1) your household income, financial status and ability to contribute, and 2) your sense of how membership in Congregation Beth Evergreen fits into your life. Households who choose to join at Level II and Level III provide significant and needed additional support for our programming and activities.

Dues levels at CBE are self-assessed. We do not publish or discuss which member(s) pay at what level. There is no distinction between any of these levels in terms of rights or benefits. We will be happy to discuss special arrangements as necessary for anyone experiencing financial hardship.

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If other, please specify


It is customary in Jewish Tradition to say "Kaddish" for the loss of a loved one during the Shabbat service for 11 months after their passing and on the anniversary of their death. Rabbi Jamie Arnold will announce the names of those whom we are remembering at their anniversary. You can help by providing the information on your loved ones here. Press "+" to add a yahrzeit.
For example, "Mother of Renee"

Life Cycle Events

As a Beit Knesset (A House of Gathering), we are a community that celebrates one another's joys and offers support. We would like to know of previous and upcoming events in your family's life. Sharing with us is, of course, optional.

A Helping Hand

As a Beit Knesset, we work together toward common goals. Each of us has a a special set of skills and talents that may benefit all of us at some point. Please check those areas where you and your family may be willing to offer support now or in the future.

Membership Dues

Building Fund

Each family will be charged an annual fee of $108; each individual member an annual fee of $72. This fund has been established to meet current and future repairs and major maintenance for our beautiful building (i.e., staining, roofing, etc.). We request that this be paid in full at the time you join. This will be prorated for those joining after January 1st. If special arrangements are necessary to make this payment monthly, please let us know.

Technology Fund

Each CBE member will be charged an annual fee of $36. This fund has been established to meet the growing costs of our audiovisual equipment and Zoom. We request that this be paid in full at the time you join. If special arrangements are necessary to make this payment monthly, please let us know.
Thank You for your membership and participation in Congregation Beth Evergreen. We look forward to getting to know you! You will receive a tax letter at the end of the calendar year (January).


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