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Mitzvah Matters

The Mitzvah Matters Committee is the link between Beth Evergreen and you.  In times of joy, sorrow or need we are here for you.  New babies, graduations, illness, loss.  We  can:

  • Support those who are suffering from an acute illness, injury, or hospitalization, or grieving from the recent loss of a loved one
  • Arrange at-home minyans and funerals,
  • Provide healing prayer shawls (hand knitted by our own Needlepoint Committee),
  • Organize specific activities for the larger CBE community such as our Healing and Baby Naming Services,
  • Support members who are caring for elderly parents,
  • And, of course, organize some meals for those who need some help.
  • We are always happy to assist with some of the happier mitzvahs, such as new births, baby namings and assisting our recent graduates celebrate Jewish holidays while away at school.

CBE is part of a caring community that also includes your friends and family, and we are here to compliment those networks of support. We know that people have different needs and traditions during times of need, and try to tailor our support to best serve individuals.

Our small standing committee is wonderful, but not magical.  We need your help.  We are looking for people who can prepare a meal upon request, help lead a minyan, drive, send cards, or arrange a visit as needed.  Please let us know how you can help.    No commitment is too small, as we all work together and strive to support each other.

Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781