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We offer a wide variety of dynamic holiday services and celebrations, including world-class Purim schpiels, a community Passover Seder, and deeply meaningful Shavuot. Children and adults alike enjoy our Hannukah celebrations and time in the Sukkah. Drop in and see how we celebrate being Jewish in the mountains!

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High Holidays

Our High Holidays are infused with music and offer something for all ages. From children’s services to afternoon hikes, from healing to noshing, this is the time of year when our entire community comes together and connects with each other.

Curious how we've been inspired in the past? Check out the sermons and speeches from previous years.


Beth Evergreen has its own large sukkah that we put up every year, and we explore different ways of celebrating the outside during this time. Below are some photo galleries of our celebrations.

Sukkot Building 2020

Sukkot 2015

Sukkot Hike 2011


Our Chanukah celebrations are typically a big celebration with younger families including dinner and activities. In 2020, this wasn't possible, so we recorded some stories to share with the congregation. Click the images to view the videos.

"The Jar of Fools" read by Rabbi Jamie Arnold

"The Knight of the Golden Slippers" read by Mindy Nitkin

"The Soul of a Menorah" read by Dan Herman

"How They Play Dreidel in Chelm" read by Laurie Walowitz

"Silent Samson, the Maccabee" read by Mort Gerberg

"Wisdom for Sale" read by Joanne Greenberg

"Sweeter than Honey, Purer than Oil" read by Eve Mills

"The Magic Spoon" read by Ellen Arnold

Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat is primarily a Religious School celebration, though members of the community are invited to join in. We combine the ritual of Tu Bishvat with the spirit of Mitzvah, doing various projects for the greater community.

2020 Tu Bishvat

2017 Tu Bishvat

2016 Tu Bishvat


Purim 2021: Mamma Mia

Purim 2016:
A Rat Pack Purim


Purim 2011:
Glee: The Shpiel

Purim 2020:
12 Whiny Jews


Purim 2015: It's All About Their Race

Purim 2017:
A Pretzel Purim


Purim 2014: Spielkes The Musical



2020 Passover Cooking Class

Bye Bye, Chametz!

7 Minute Seder Table

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784