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Writer's Block and Me

04/03/2022 10:01:11 AM


Laurie Walowitz

About three weeks ago, Elizabeth sent me a reminder about the due date for this article. I have plenty of time, I thought - and there I was, about three weeks later, at dinner in Ojai, CA with my mom and her friend, Robyn - on the due day – stressing over the still blank page on my computer screen.  

Earlier that day, I googled “president messages in synagogue newsletters” and in .54 seconds, received about 1,780,000 examples. This should help, I thought.  Not so much. I was overwhelmed and did not find any potential topics. There was one that caught my attention. The author compared the Super Bowl to Passover – sharing how the exactness of the plays called during the game reminded her of the Passover Seder. Had the Broncos been in the big game, that may have worked. Maybe next year.

Back to the dinner - I mentioned my writer’s block to my mom and Robyn. Rather than offering topic suggestions. They peppered me with questions. How I was navigating this writer’s block – what was I doing to resolve it? What did I think was causing it? What was I feeling? How have I handled other times when I have hit a roadblock towards getting where I needed to be?

OY! I should have known that would happen – after all, these two women are psychologists – or perhaps I got exactly what I really wanted – help figuring out why I was having so much trouble coming up with something to write.

As we sat at that dinner table exploring what was going on inside of me, I realized that I am overwhelmed by the vastness of what I could write about. That thought lead me to what is the purpose of this column? And what are your expectations? Those are the questions that trip me up and cause my writer’s block. 

On the drive back to Santa Barbara, where my mom lives, she says to me, “you know….you could write about how this process has been for you. People may learn something from your experience.” BINGO!

And so, I am requesting your help.  What are your expectations of this space from me?  What do you want to read? What is important for you to know about synagogue business that you do not? I would love to hear from you!  Please! Send me an email – and let me know your ideas and thoughts!

And while I have your attention -  

  • Save the date!  Sunday, April 10th – CBE will be hosting a new member brunch honoring our new members from the past three years – all are invited. Details coming soon!
  • As covid restrictions relax and people become more comfortable attending services and other group events – please don’t be shy! If you see someone you don’t recognize, introduce yourself – there are new and prospective members attend almost all our services and having an existing member personally welcome a new or prospective member is a wonderful mitzvah. Try it – you’ll like it.
Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784