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Lifecycle Events

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies by Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Contact Rabbi Jamie directly at (303) 670.4294 ext. 7 or to learn more.

LGBT & Interfaith, too!

Welcoming, Naming, and Covenanting a Child

Babies start out small, but welcoming a new child into a home, either through birth or adoption, is no small undertaking.  Beyond the demands of tending to a child’s needs (and your own) through sleep deprivation, a new parent also faces the challenges of choosing a name and a religious identity in a multicultural world, navigating the necessary changes in the immediate and extended family, creating rituals to nourish marital and familial life through such changes.   Rabbi Jamie Arnold and Congregation Beth Evergreen are eager to extend their open-armed support and experienced spiritual guidance as you navigate these vital decisions and celebrate with joy and reverence the new life in your midst.  Rabbi Jamie for is available help you plan and create the naming/welcoming ceremony that is right for you and your family.   Mazal tov!

Please contact Rabbi Jamie Arnold by email or at (303) 670-4294 x 7 for more information.

Chevre Kadisha

Here at Congregation Beth Evergreen we have a newly formed Chevre Kadisha, a society of holy souls anonymously and faithfully ready to be of service to the Evergreen Jewish Community in times of loved one’s death. Chevre Kadisha groups are also known as Hevrat Chesed VeEmet — Kindness and Truth Societies; or Hevra Gomelei Hasadim — Performers of Kindness Societies, as the mitzvah of accompanying a soul from death through the burial process is one that can only be paid forward.

The Chevre Kadisha at Beth Evergreen is currently able to provide shmira or more literally, guardians who sit with and accompany a deceased individual by reading psalms, or poetry, journaling or sitting in contemplative meditation . We are blessed to have working relationships with several mortuaries, and members are available and able to be scheduled in 1-2 hour increments to sit with a person from the time of death until transport or burial. Tahara or the process of ritual cleansing and preparation, through dressing in white linen Tachrichim, and blessing of the body is currently being studied for and we hope to have this honor also available as an offering both to the community and to volunteers for training sometime in the near future.

The Chevre Kadisha at Beth Evergreen is currently comprised of the Rabbi, synagogue leaders and many thoughtful volunteers. Traditionally, an annual celebration for communities and Chevre Kadisha occurs on the 7th of Adar, the anniversary of Moses birth and death.

There are National Organizations and Informational Conferences available for members to belong to and to attend, as well as resources available for additional learning and emotionally supportive functions.

If you are interested in finding out more about Chevre Kadisha offerings for yourself or family, please contact Rabbi Jamie Arnold, at (303) 670-4294 ext 7,

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784