You’re Invited to Celebrate the High Holidays with CBE!

The new year, Rosh Hashanah begins on Wednesday evening September 20, heralding a time for celebration, contemplation, and gathering in community. ALL ARE WELCOME, NO TICKETS REQUIRED. Hoping to encourage you to bring friends and guests with you to High Holiday services, we do not require the purchase of Tishrei memberships or tickets for extended family or friends. We simply ask that you RSVP on line ahead of time, letting us know who to expect so that we can prepare name tags and ensure adequate seating. Do it now by following the link below to make your reservations (for friends, family, guests, and children needing childcare). Members do not need to make reservations for themselves, just for guests they expect to join them.

So, we will not be printing and mailing tickets this year. Members will receive a packet with the logistics. Once again, we strongly encourage members to make reservations for friends and family early, as we anticipate a higher number of reservations this year. Space may be limited.

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News and Events

CBE Annual Member Meeting

July 30, 5PM

Please join us for Beth Evergreen's Annual Member Meeting
 Dinner will be served.
Hosted by Board Vice President, Hal Stein, at his home
Please RSVP , so we can make sure to have enough
 food for everyone.
 As we begin a new fiscal year, we are excited about the direction in which CBE is heading. In that light, please accept this,first of many, invitations to join together as a community, and share your input, a meal, some smiles, and good company.

The Shabbat of Vision, July 29

Relax into a meditative and healing Shabbat morning experience with Heidi Saltzman and Bonnie Houghton utilizing chant, body movement and singing bowl meditation. 9:30 a.m. Saturday, July 29, CBE patio.

Tisha B’Av, August 1

August 1, 7PM

We are asking for feedback on a series of questions around this topic.

  • Are there things which are unforgivable?
  • Are there any acts or events that are all bad or all good?
  • Can a nation or people forgive another nation or people or is forgiveness purely personal?

Elul and Tishrei are the months in which we seek forgiveness, but are there things which cannot or should not be forgiven? Our splendid, nifty and utterly charming group made up of Nanci Hale, Betty Ann Taylor, and Joanne Greenberg would like to have as wide a discussion as possible on this topic for the Tisha B’Av event.

CBE Summer Block Party, August 6

August 6, 4PM

Join as at CBE for a summer block party! We'll be grilling burgers, brats, and birds, plus a plethora of fun outside games. This is a fun chance to socialize with your CBE friends before we get all wrapped up in school and the High Holidays. Everyone is welcome, member or not!


Fifty Shades of Talmud: What the First Rabbis Had to Say about You-Know-What, August 6

August 6, 2PM

Amusing. Seductive. Stimulating. We’re talking about the Talmud? That’s right. Take fifty actual Talmudic discussions, mix in pithy sayings (appropriate and inappropriate) by luminaries from Mae West and Amy Schumer to George Washington and Gandhi, add a few cartoons, and voila—delighted and enlightened readers will come away with a new perspective on what the ancient Jewish sages say about our most intimate relationships.

In this lighthearted, in-depth tour of sexuality within the Talmud, come eavesdrop at the first rabbis’ locker-room door as they discuss every aspect of sexual relations—how, when, where, with whom—often in startlingly explicit fashion. Author Maggie Anton reveals how Jewish tradition is more progressive in many respects, and more bawdy, than one might think. The award-winning historical novelist’s first foray into nonfiction is likely to leave her fans going OMG, WTF, and even LOL.

Read further information at the author’s website

Gearing up for the new year with…
An ALL NEW Mostly Music Shabbat Service at CBE
Featuring ORIGINAL MUSIC by Rabbi Jamie Arnold
Friday Aug 11, 2017, 7:30PM — Shabbat Ekev
“Because We Can!”

  • Play prayerfully with the RJ and the CBE Band.
  • Sing joyously with Havurat Shirah, the CBE Singers
  • Dance blissfully with your community and friends.

“Laughing with Life-Breath, singing with soul, open my heart-space, I long to know, to feel Her breathe me, she must be close… Elohai Neshamah…”

August 19, 12PM
Hike (or bike!) with Rabbi Jamie following our Shabbat Service & Bagel Table. Meet at CBE.

The CBE Tikkun Middot Havurah is Gathering Once Again,
Tuesday August 22th at 6:30pm!
Please join us as we expand our Middah practice this month to embodying the many aspects of Mindfulness.

Our 2017-18 adult ed theme for Tuesdays with Morim is “Words, Words, Words – Their Powers and Limitations”  and the kickoff is Word Play Game Night at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 5. (Watch for details coming soon.) Future sessions might focus on honor and speech, naming God, humor as communication and ? We want your ideas and suggestions whether you’d  like make a presentation or have an opinion about a word theme you’d like to learn or discuss. If you have thoughts to share on this topic, please contact adult ed chair Marilyn Saltzman,  We look forward to sharing words with you!

September 12, 9-11AM, Bergen Park Church

As we prepare for our second year of our Emergency Shelter Program, all volunteers, old and new, are invited to attend this training to learn valuable de-escalation techniques.

Youth and Family News

Sign up for Religious School!

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Religious School New Family Welcome, August 16

Join us on Wednesday, August 16 at 4:30PM and get to know our religious school!

September 6: First Day of Religious School!

The first day of Religious School is September 6 at 4PM. Not registered yet? Click here.