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Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™

Build Your Jewish Legacy

Do you have a will? Have you considered a bequest... to us? If we're in your will, have you told us?

We have joined 27 other Jewish organizations in Denver & Boulder to learn how to build our endowment through estate gifts. Your bequest to us will support the vibrant Jewish life and education programs that we have worked so hard to build over the last 4+ decades.

Make a difference in your lifetime for a difference in our future.

Why Should You Consider A Charitable Bequest?

Creating your will or other estate plan arrangement is a momentous step in ensuring the future of family, friends and valued causes such as Congregation Beth Evergreen. With a charitable bequest you can:

  • Remain in control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • Incorporate charitable giving as part of the tax-wise planning of your estate.
  • Reduce your estate’s exposure to taxes.
  • Create a lasting tribute to honor family, friends and loved ones.
  • Continue your support of the values and causes you believed in during your lifetime.
  • Perpetuate the vitality and purpose of Congregation Beth Evergreen's programs and mission by increasing its pool of unrestricted funds.

Many people have no will, and when they die these opportunities vanish. If you die with no will or other estate plan arrangement, the state distributes all of your assets according to its own laws. Any particular arrangements you intended for family and valued causes will not take place.

To be effective, your will needs to clearly express your intentions and be drawn in accordance with appropriate state laws. You should seek a qualified estate-planning professional when arranging these important personal decisions.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts allow you to benefit an organization and yourself at the same time. Charitable remainder trusts are irrevocable gifts through which you receive income benefits, obtain charitable income tax deductions, or realize other tax benefits as well as supporting the work of an organization you admire.

In addition to providing you with lifetime income, you can actually choose the type of income you prefer – fixed or variable. You accomplish this by creating either a charitable remainder unitrust for variable income, or a charitable remainder annuity trust for fixed income.

A charitable remainder trust is an excellent method with which to a make tax-wise gift. With a charitable remainder trust, you can:

  • Receive fixed or variable income for you and your family.
  • Select the payout rate when you create the trust.
  • Receive income over a lifetime(s), period of years, or both.
  • Claim a charitable income tax deduction for a portion of your gift.
  • Reduce potential estate tax exposure.
  • Use long-term appreciated assets to fund the trust and avoid potential capital gains taxes.
  • Convert non-income producing or low-yielding assets into a potentially greater income stream.
  • Enhance prudent estate and financial planning strategies.
  • Create a lasting legacy for the values in which you believe.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

For more information on Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™ or to set up your lifetime charitable giving, please contact Elizabeth Moore at

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