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What's Your Legacy?

02/20/2022 10:00:50 AM


Dan Herman

The new year is an opportunity to reflect on life, goals, and people you care about. As the years go by, I’ve been contemplating the legacy I’d like to leave. How I’d like to be remembered and how to support institutions whose missions I deeply care about. 

In 2005, leaders at CBE had the foresight to establish an endowment fund to create a foundation for sustaining the future of our kehillah (community) for future generations. Thanks to the 61 Beth Evergreen Legacy Society members who contributed or have made legacy commitments, we have an endowment balance of $514,000! The annual interest we receive from this fund supports our operating budget, funds our annual scholar in residence educational program and helps defray membership dues. 

My wife, Kristin, and I made a legacy commitment because CBE is a special place for our family. We want to help ensure that future generations have the opportunity to celebrate holidays, meet people in the community, forge life-long friendships, and provide their children with a Jewish education and culture. CBE is a unique congregation. It really hit me during my first Yom Kippur service at CBE – it was the first time that I can say I enjoyed this solemn holiday. The service length was reasonable; the sunny, airy sanctuary overlooking Elk Meadow was picturesque; and the music played by exceptionally talented musicians was uplifting! 
As we celebrate the beginning of 2022, reflect on the past and ponder the future, please consider: 

  • What about your family history helped forge your Jewish identity and how does it influence your connection to CBE?
  • What does CBE mean to you? Is there a story or a specific experience that was pivotal making a connection to CBE? 
  • What are the things at CBE in which you are vested and would like to see continue?
  • What are your dreams, desires and wishes for CBE in the future and what is the legacy you would like to leave?

Please consider the meaningful impact CBE has had on your life and how you can help ensure our sustainability for future generations. Funds that you contribute can be designated to focus on specific initiatives that you are passionate about (such as the Ellen Diesenhof scholar in residence program). The process is easy, and you may be able to realize significant tax advantages now. Some options include making a gift in your will or trust; naming CBE as a beneficiary in a retirement fund or life insurance policy (which doesn’t require changing your will or estate plan); or transferring an appreciated stock to CBE. 

A significant endowment fund will provide the financial security to ensure our future for generations to come. As part of our recent strategic planning, we have set an audacious goal of increasing our endowment balance to $2M by our 50th jubilee anniversary in 2024! Imagine what the annual proceeds could support: we could reduce dependence on membership dues, fund innovative educational programs, maintain our beautiful building and grounds…Please consider becoming a CBE Legacy Society member and ensuring the future sustainability of CBE for generations to come.

Fri, February 23 2024 14 Adar I 5784