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President’s Message

12/05/2021 10:01:54 AM


Laurie Walowitz

A friend recently sent me a text - it read -
“Are you going through it or growing through it?”

At first read, I admit, I was puzzled. That morning, he had also sent me links to two articles he thought I would be interested in.  I went back and skimmed them both, wondering if this question was referring back to one of the articles.

Finding nothing, and really looking at that text, I realized the question had nothing to do with the articles and everything to do with life.  Those nine very basic words were packed with so much wisdom.  At every turn, life presents us with something to grow from, provided that is the way we view it.

And so, my challenge to you is to periodically ask yourself, as you go through the day - the week - the month - the year - am I going through it or growing through it?  I have found experiences to be so much richer when I am growing through rather than simply going through - especially the stressful ones!

And speaking of growing - there are so many opportunities to stretch yourself and grow within our CBE community and I hope during this next holiday season (they just keep on coming, don’t they?!?) that you will make the time to participate.

Our wonderful CBE staff (thank you to Luke and Elizabeth!) make an effort to keep the calendar on our website up to date - if you are unsure about all that is happening - or if you accidentally deleted an email about a specific happening - you can find all of the information about upcoming events on our website - the Alternative Gift Fair is coming up, there are many special musical Shabbat services scheduled, yoga, Mussar, Book Club, learning opportunities with Rabbi Jamie, hikes, youth programming, and so much more.

And please!  If you have an idea of something you would like to see and do not - please let me know - - and yes - be aware - if you suggest it - I will suggest back that you take the lead to organize it!  Remember my challenge about growing?  What better opportunity!

And speaking of growing - have you seen our amphitheater?!?! Pretty amazing, huh?  A huge todah rabah to all those who made a financial gift to our new amphitheater.  Because of your support, we have turned an idea into a reality!  Special thanks to our amphitheater workgroup who have spent many hours working towards the “soft open” that is planned for this weekend – Ken Dlin (our general contractor), Nate Fineberg, David Zucker, David Froman, Dan Herman, Sarah Hess, Cheri Rubin, Ron Isaacson, Russell Weisfield, Rabbi Jamie and Luke.  

Until next time…..May the November/December Holiday Season bring joy to all celebrations….wishing you good health, and peace


Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782