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Rumi-nating on the Seasonal Harvest

05/02/2021 09:27:57 AM


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Here’s a fragment from a poem by Rumi:  

The wheat grain breaks open in the ground.
Then grows, then gets harvested. Then it cracks in the mill for flour
And baked.  Then is crushed between teeth to become
Mind, Spirit and Understanding.
Lost in love, like the song the planters sing
After they sow the seeds.

These last two lines in particular read as a direct translation of Psalm 136:

“As the sowers cast their seeds, they feel like weeping
Yet they go on trusting that they will COME BACK singing
As they bring in the harvest sheaves.  Those who sow with tears will reap with joy”

So much sadness and struggle this past year.  And while many challenges remain, May’s new moon, the Hebrew month of Sivan is coming.  With her, we are witnessing an easing of the constraints of pandemic precautions.  We continue of seven weeks of counting of the omer, tracking the growth of wheat grain from seed to first harvest.  The seeds of tears have been sown.  The time for gathering again to celebrate new harvests approaches.  

So many lessons, stories, and songs to be shared.  This month and next we will be creating opportunities to do just that.  On Friday, May 7, a service celebrating life-long learning with the CBE religious/Hebrew school families.  On Sunday, May 16, we are hosting a world-wide Shavuot Zoom celebration, bringing together friends, teachers, and leaders from across the Reconstructionist movement for a 15-hour, all-night event devoted to connecting through conversation, study, song, and action. And later that week, a Friday night service in song with our sanctuary opening its doors wide for in-person celebration.

And in June, book groups, more music, an outdoor FUNraiser, and so much more.  It’s been a long haul trying to sustain and grow our community while safely social distancing.  What we sowed with tears may we reap with joy!

Chodesh tov and Chag Sameach.

Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781