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Midah of the Month of June: Ohev et Hamakom

06/01/2021 09:25:06 AM


Tara Saltzman

Help us enrich our collective soul growth.  Share your thoughts in response to the midah practices below.

Makom means existence or place and shares the same root with the words for to wake up, be realized, to come into being, persevere, and endure.  It’s also a name for God.  Consider the fullest expression of loving God is endeavoring to fully know and love oneself, how and where you are.  
Get woke!  Love God :-)

Practice:  Participate in this conversation:  From the Pirkei Avos Treasury it states that one expresses one's love for God by emulating God's ways. How would you describe "God's ways?" And how would you emulate them?

Mon, June 21 2021 11 Tammuz 5781