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Midah of the Month of May: Shleymut

05/01/2021 08:46:43 PM


Tara Saltzman

Help us enrich our collective soul growth.  Share your thoughts in response to the midah practices below.

"The purpose of Mussar practice is to help individuals deepen their understanding of the ways of the soul, and to guide them in overcoming obstacles which keep them from attaining a sense of inner wholeness (shleymut)." - Alan Morinis
By learning about the soul and trying to understand its nature, we are examining the one thing that is always with us, and by doing so, we discover who we really are.  
Practice:   Get to know yourself by getting to know your soul; practical ways of getting in touch with how and what you feel, your physical body and your intellectual acumen:  Try Yoga, ask for feedback, experiment with something new, explore decisions you’ve made by asking “Why did you make these choices? Which were authentic expressions of who you are? Which were made under pressure from others?”.  What practices help you connect with self and soul?

Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781